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Real Monsters and Sacred Boundaries Course: FREE

Are You Giving Up Too Much of Yourself?

Pleasing. Performing. Perfecting.
It's how you got where you are, right? And yet, deep down, you know these behaviors are part of the programming received before you could even speak.

Isn't it time to take your power back?

I've been there. I gave up so much of my own power, my entire life became about ensuring everyone around me was happy - that I performed beyond expectations and perfected my game to 110% or more.

And that worked... until it didn't.


You're driven and you push yourself hard. Your Happy-ISH.
But you're feeling exhausted. Drained.
You want to find your voice... but instead, you find yourself nodding your head. It's just... easier.
You know you have power. Damn. You are a successful, driven woman!
But all that saying yes that got you there... is taking its toll.

And that sweet spot - where you know your purpose and let the energy of that take you where you want to go?
Honestly? You're not sure how to find that again. Here's what you are sure of:

You want to CHOOSE your own trajectory.
You want to use your VOICE.
You want magic moments with the people you love.
You want to breathe.
But... you also want MORE.
You know there must be a better way than constantly giving up pieces of yourself.
And here's the hard truth: You're just not sure what that way looks like for you.
Maybe you know you've got more to give to that passion project - but don't even have time to take a bath.
Or maybe you've got someone trying to steal your mojo in your life and don't know how to draw boundaries.
I can help.

The Free Course

Today, You Take Control. Claim Your Space.
  In this FREE, three day masterclass, you'll learn to recognize real monsters from the other characters in your life. You'll receive guidance from someone who has been there, so you can define your sacred spaces more clearly. YOU will determine where your boundaries are, and who is allowed to enter your defined zones.
You'll find your VOICE.
And you'll enjoy a beautiful 15-page, all color step-by-step workbook.
This FREE masterclass is an essential in your toolkit to maintaining a happy life and peace of mind.

The Books

                                                                                           Powerhouse Women: Dream to Succeed
In this International Best-Seller you'll read about how my co-authors and I navigated highs and lows, trauma and difficulty, pain and heartache, but never did we allow these obstacles to deter us from our path! Each of us writes about our tale of determination to up-level and be healthy high-achievers. I am so proud to be considered a Powerhouse Woman and share my story of how I survived and created success from Soul-Centered Self-Love. 

Work with Me

Ready to uncover the layers of programming and unleash your power?

Crash Course in Confidence

                                                                              Today, Could Be The Most Important Day For You
 In this course, you are going to discover how you can begin to get past fear (False Events Appearing Real) so  it won't hold you back from achieving the success that you deserve.

The eight units are packed with the strategies that I personally use and learned from the World’s TOP Achievers to get to where I am today.  If you know my story, you know that my journey to myself wouldn't have been possible without these power steps.

These strategies I share are the foundation of how I am able to walk with confidence, achieve my goals, and enjoy a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life without regret or staying stuck.  It's time for you to walk with a new stride, achieve your goals, and own the level of success you have been craving! This course comes with a printable workbook full of great reflections and practical tips you can apply today.