Dear Driven Woman,

I know you. Happy-ish - knowing deep down that you're exhausted from all the Pleasing, Performing and Perfecting.

 Being driven has gotten you where you are. But all the yes's - all the climbing and scratching - all the focus on being a perfectionist - has also left you feeling frustrated, disconnected from yourself. Scared to trust - maybe even feeling defeated.  

Everyone tells you that you've got your shit together! Secretly, you feel you have a long way to go.  

You know your relationships aren't what they should be; unbalanced and leaving you drained?  

And so you bury yourself in your to-do list. You know there's more for you, but those damn books on your table aren't giving you the step-by-step you know you need. Sure, you have a lot of practice showing one person to the world while another suffers on the inside.
But you’re tired of keeping up the façade. You are ready to unleash your power!

I can help.

Not just because of my years of training and coaching certifications, but because I’ve been there. I know what it's like to live a contradiction - to appear "together" on the outside, but full of self-doubts and struggling to gather confidence.

I know the challenge of trying to live up to outer (and inner) demands and expectations. Pleasing, performing and perfecting through life, saying yes because we know that's the way we were taught to do it. It's fucking exhausting, isn't it?

Perhaps that pisses you off and you're sick of people praising your strength (it still makes me grit my teeth).

Maybe like I did, you look back once in a while and remember a different you - and you know that there is more… much more; you just need the day to day steps to get back to yourself.

I know that desire and I want to tell you: It really is possible to live authentically and step into a Wild Unapologetic You. I know the journey back to self. I didn't start as an intuitive high performance coach. In fact, I still have to work on it every day.

You see, I know that critic inside. I know her so well I call her the inner-supervillain. She has some default tapes that lead to some default behaviors. Behaviors like pleasing, performing, perfecting, going numb and hiding away. And my personal favorite: Control. Fact is, unless you've built a strong and loving relationship with her, she's running your show 95% of the time.


I do this using my unique Release, Redefine and Reclaim Process.
I don't pull punches and I have a terrific bullshit meter.
But I also bring gentle reflection and faith in your highest self.
I can do this in part because I use my well-honed intuition; but as I said, I've been there.
The solutions, methods and habits I bring to my clients are what I practice myself, every single day.

My own pleasing, performing and perfecting almost cost me my life.
You see, I divorced a narcissist after 13 years of control and mental abuse; afterward, he married my best friend.
Within a year, I found the love of my life. Or so I thought.
That 18 months still seems like some crazy nightmare I had; only I lived it.
I invested my entire savings and retirement into his new business - that mysteriously lost tens of thousands. 
Oh yeah, I was conned alright. The infiltration into my life, the incredible generosity and grandiose acts. 
And then the isolation and finally, there was the abuse. One day I realized that soon, I would be dead.
So I fled with only a carload of my belongings to stay with my Auntie for a few weeks.
As I lay in her spare room several days later, I made a promise to myself:

I was done trying to find happiness in a relationship. It was time to spend some time with ME.
No more being treated like shit - by anyone in my life.
No more being a chameleon or playing small - even at work. It was time to find out what I stood for and then stand.
It was time for some serious boundaries and Soul-Centered Self-Love.
I knew I had a lot of work to do, but I also knew that there was so much more for me.
The truth was however, I had no idea where to start.

Because I was an educator, it was a logical step for me to dig into research and school. And four years later, I had made a great deal of progress. Oh, there were plenty of bumps and bruises along the way, I assure you. But I worked really hard at it - for years. I stayed single, and even wrote my own workbooks and planners (yes, I'm a nerd like that). Funny thing was, other women wanted copies to use for themselves! I even went back to school and earned a second master's in Psychology.

Back in 2017, I felt a calling. I knew I could help other women. Their journey may look a lot different than mine but I believe that all driven women have that incessant voice inside their heads telling them they aren't enough. After all, the layers of programing are deep and have a long history. It's pretty difficult to study self-help without talking about women's power. And if you go there... well, you have to study the history of how we got there, don't you?

And so my work has taken me to women of all colors and ages.
Turns out, we are a sisterhood that needs to do this work.

And I can assure you, once you dig in and do this deep, inner-work, your life will change. Just like mine did.

A Little Bio

High-Performance Coach. International Speaker. Best-Selling Author. CEO. Charlie Mac is passionate about creating impact in personal development for women and impact in personal development for women in need. She helps driven women build their inner castles and create their outer empires though her Release, Redefine and Reclaim process.

Fun Deets:
Sometimes I coach men
I lived in Germany for four years
I used to ride a Harley
I taught American and British Literature
I have trained many Educators and Executives
I've been a Director and a High School Principal
 I hold both a Master's in Education and Psychology
My son is a Traveler
My daughter is probably my mother in another life
I have a brilliant grandchild and they love to write
I have a little dog named Riff Raff
I love bread
I love wine more
I love fun even more
I really enjoy a good video game

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