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In 2014 My Life Abruptly Changed

Let me tell you how this experience created my Impact Plan

On a single night in January, 2020,(before the pandemic) 223,578 women were homeless in the United States.¹
On a single night in 2014, 105,027 single women were homeless in the United States² and I... was one of them. This was the second time as an adult that I was briefly homeless. I was lucky. I had a friend who let me come stay for a month. But the journey to becoming homeless was terrifying and devastating.

More than seventeen years prior, I had two small children and had left a toxic relationship; I had some college courses under my belt, but no degree. I was not an uncommon statistic. I lived in a trailer park for some time, and went on welfare. Again, I was lucky. I applied for assistance and loans, went back to school and became an English teacher. The system worked for me. It was a hard journey and I had help.

This last time though, my kids were adults and I had a Master’s Degree. Just a couple of years prior, I was earning high, five figures and that degree felt like armor. Again… I had fled a toxic relationship (yep, I was on that hamster wheel), and I was once again single. This time, I was also a domestic abuse survivor. I fled to another state to hide and started my life over. I was also recovering from back surgery, and was still struggling to find a new normal. But being a driven woman,  I had landed a decent job and kept on going.

If I make all that sound easy, let me tell you: It wasn’t. There were many days I thought I wouldn’t make it. There were even a few days that I didn’t care if I made it. But I refused to go down like that. Shit, I must have read every self-help book on the shelves. I dug deep, made myself care and kept doing the next right thing.

And so of course, that is when the cookie crumbled. The short version… is my company lost their contract; they didn't renew mine. I lost my job. It was that perfect storm. I hunted, filled out every application I could - Online, in-person, you name it. I even took a job for ten bucks an hour. But it just wasn't enough to live on. And because I had been living paycheck to paycheck, it didn’t take long to have to start selling what few possessions I had just to pay the rent.

And so… the day came when I couldn’t pay the rent. I was homeless. This story is much more common than we realize. We hear it on the news and nod our heads. We know. But here’s the thing, because I actually lived it, I really do know. A couple of paychecks and boom: Homelessness.

The first time, I had children. As much as that frightened me and as much as I had struggled, having two small children provided opportunities to get rent money and food quickly. As a single, much-less-younger woman, I had very few options. And I called around. Spoke to the folks at 211, called churches… there was a food line I could get into once a month. But that didn’t help me pay rent.

As I write this, I’m living in Covid-19 lock-down. This time, I’m one of the blessed who have income. But so many do not. 

So let me talk to you again about homeless women who are single. They are 30% of the total homeless population.¹ And only about half are landing in hard to get, temporary beds when there isn’t a pandemic. And if you look at the numbers that are being hinted at post-pandemic, they have only gotten worse. And not just in America. All over the world, folks who were doing okay, living paycheck to paycheck, are now without the capacity to pay their rent. I find it disappointing that the media seems to focus on the 'Great Resignation' and not the folks who are seriously trying to figure out how to survive.

Right now, there are over a hundred-thousand women like I was, struggling to rebuild after fleeing an abusive marriage. Alone. Broke and homeless. And honestly? They have very few of the precious resources allocated to them and their mental health.

I spent over 21 years in Education. Now, I am a High-Performance Coach, a speaker and a writer. My mission is to help other women -- women like me. Mostly, that means successful, driven women who are ready to unleash their true power; however, at Wild Woman International, Inc., it also means trying to make a real impact for women who may have landed in a shelter because of a couple of paychecks, or abusive relationship. If they're lucky enough to receive some financial assistance, it's doubtful that they have access to tools for their personal development; and for them, that journey is more important than ever. Speaking from experience, they could use a little hope and kindness right now.

And while I make my personal contributions, as a tiny American business, I offer what I know made the difference for me: The gift of confidence and steps to deal with that critical voice. My hope is that by passing on what I’ve learned, perhaps these women will know they have a friend in their corner, just like I did.

I am partnering with non-profit organizations who work to improve the situations and spirits of these women, and have the capacity to put my Online course, Crash Course in Confidence into their hands. Why? Because, if I could go back to those moments when I doubted that I could lift myself off the floor (and there were a lot of them), and offer myself the ability to believe in myself -- well, that would have been a game changer.

Money? Yes. A job? Certainly. A bed and a roof? No question. And we will be investing in that cause, but since valuing myself and learning how to think about resilience helped me push through, I'd like to offer that as well.

So here’s how you can help: If you find yourself looking at the Crash Course in Confidence self-study course, great! If it’s a good fit for you and you decide to sign-up, we will gift a course registration to a woman in need.

Your investment in yourself will also be an investment in a woman who needs to remember her value isn't about how much money she has or even whether or not she has a home.

 You can help another woman who needs to step into her worth as she works to get a permanent roof over her head and a decent job.  

Your $444 investment in yourself can make an impact in the world.  That’s the Wild Woman International, Inc. Impact Plan… for now. It will evolve and as it does, we will remain 100% transparent about the Impact Plan and Outcomes. Because like you, I am a driven woman on a mission.

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